ISO 9001:2015 Certification & Quality Policy

The Specialized Engineering Quality Philosophy

Specialized Engineering realizes that the most important thing we can offer our customers is quality – if we meet or exceed your expectations of quality, we’ll earn your trust. Without it, we’ll lose your business. To ensure your experience with Specialized Engineering will lead to a long-term relationship that’s beneficial to both parties, we’ve implemented an ISO Quality Certification process.
To meet your other Medical parts needs, we also provide services and have manufacturing equipment for insert molding, injection molding, thermal forming, braiding, clean room rental, subassembly, balloon blowing, and a full machine shop that is capable of fabricating all of our tooling needs.

The disciplines of quality, health, safety and environmental management

The Top Management of Specialized Engineering recognize that the disciplines of quality, health and safety and environmental management are an integral part of its management function. Central to the Company’s development is the operation of an effective management system that meets all these requirements.

We promote a professional atmosphere of continuous improvement and always strive to do better. We know and believe that the Customer comes first, and support them through employee empowerment and continuous improvement. Our Quality Management System ensures consistency in all phases of our operation and in the quality of our products. Top Management continues to support and provide direction to exceed this goal.

The Organization’s Quality policy calls for continuous improvement in its Quality Management activities and business is conducted according to the following principals:

  • We Comply with all applicable State and Federal laws and regulations.
  • We Follow a concept of continuous improvement and make best use of our management resources in all quality matters.
  • We Communicate our Quality objectives and our performance against these objectives throughout the Organization and to interested parties.
  • We Take due care to ensure that activities are safe for employees, associates, subcontractors and others who come into contact with our work.
  • We Work closely with our Customers and vendors to establish the highest quality standards.
  • We Adopt a forward-looking view on future business decisions that may have Quality impacts.
  • We Train our staff in the needs and responsibilities of Quality management.

If you wish to receive a copy of our ISO Certification, you may contact: at 209.462.0256 or email us