Specialized Engineering began in Palo Alto in 1996.

With -one Harrel extruder and one employee and a reputation for high quality and quick turn around we quickly built up a tier-one client base. In 2000, Specialized purchased another Harrel extruder and the company moved to its present location in Stockton, CA.

With ISO 9000:2015 Certification, Specialized has dedicated its mission to quality manufacturing and management processes. For the quickest turn around in the Medical Extrusion Industry while meeting your precise quality expectations, Specialized Engineering delivers – from R&D short runs to manufacturing runs of over a million feet.  Specialized Engineering, LLC exclusively runs microprocessor controlled Harrel Gertrudes. Check their website for more info at Harrel.com

Paul Alba,founder and president of Specialized Engineering, has been in the medical disposables industry for over twenty years, pioneering glass balloon blowing under Jack Diettrich with Gary Miller and Gary Farlow. His work experiences at ACS, Mallinckrodt Medical, Baxter Medical, AVE and Localmed/Perclose give him an unparalleled perspective that has catapulted Specialized Engineering to market leadership in the medical extrusion industry.

Why Choose Us


  • The Specialized Engineering staff is expertly trained in assembly, extrusion, machining, calibration and quality control. With deep experienced in the development and assembly of thermal plastic catheters.
  • Specialized Engineering helps customers develop solutions and resolve catheter related problems that affect the assembly of their product.
  • Our customers are medical disposable manufacturers looking for quick turn around and the highest quality extruded tubing produced to the tightest tolerances.


Paul Alba


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Aggie Alba

Marketing Director

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Tasia Cabalbag

Office Manager

Tim Cortez

Director of Operations

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Product Development Manager